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As a radio show, no image can be canonical, everyone's imagination of what Station 6 looks like is true for them! Here's a poster of one way of imagining Seth's first home, Station 6.

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The print is of Ana fishing at midday. As she lives in the Arctic, the sun doesn't rise in the winter. The lighthouse is visible in the background with its brilliant light dominating the scene. I love this contemporary painting by my friend, Alice Carr. (see more of her work here

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Perhaps you live on a space station (wait, maybe you ARE the space station?) and there was a crew, but they are gone now. Or perhaps you are an unmanned satellite, and it's always been just you. You woke up today, for either the first time or the ten-thousandth time, and something is amiss. Error codes are flooding your diagnostic logs. Time to wake up, and fix things. There's science to do!

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